Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prezi IV

Exploring prezi has been great fun and I have found that there is a bit more to prezi than just a simple presentation tool.  You can use prezi to create a kind of social networking with friends.  You can create and send prezis as greeting cards and announcements.  The customization of a prezi seems to be almost limitless.  There is a very useful blog about prezi that you can read about all of the amazing things that people are doing with prezis.  To view the blog click here.    Here is a video of prezi "meeting" being used in a school setting.

I'm seeing there with this expansion of prezi as more than just a presentation tool, that students can let their imaginations and creativity run free to create information portfolios, shared tools that can be used and added to by other students in creating a common chain of information.


  1. I think Prezi is a great way for students to make interesting presentations so they do not learn to just stand and read boring PowerPoint presentations!

  2. I like the idea of greeting cards via prezi. Though, some people (Kirsten?) have said that it makes them dizzy.