Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tonometrics III

I've moved on the the rhythm generator of the tonometrics site and found that this application is rather difficult to master.  The test plays a rhythmic segment for you to listen to then, plays it a second time that may or may not have a very slight variation in the rhythm.  It is up to you to then decide if the rhythms were the same or different by clicking the correct button as illustrated below:

Normally I would think that this is a great skills test, however, the rhythms are quite complex and the instrumentation if very dense which makes it very difficult to distinguish the subtle changes in rhythm.  I think for this particular test to be useful in my classroom I would like the rhythms to be more simplistic and that the density of instrumentation be much MUCH less.  This part of tonometrics I don't find to be very well developed.  It's just like jumping to the end novel without reading the opening so there was nothing to build on.  You can go here to try your luck.

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