Friday, December 31, 2010

Note Flight IV

In addition to scale warm-ups, we also build chords and try to play the different chords of a given key.  With the notation system generator noteflight, I can now create my own chord progressions for the group to use an play.  Each instrument and be assigned a specific note of the chord to play.  Not only can noteflight generate a score which you can see below, but it will also generate individual instrument parts so that the students can have their own part to play from.  A great tool that is useful and much more meaningful for instruction than purchasing a method book that often has material that is either not useful or redundant.


  1. What a great find Patrick! How do you intend to incorporate this tool with your students? Will you use it with your advanced students as well as your beginner students? Do you think this program will allow you to cease purchasing method books?

  2. Megan,
    Hopefully the advanced students can create their own warm-ups that we can use in class as well as compose their own pieces. I fully intend this to take the place of my purchasing method books. I know what works and what I like in my class so there is now an easy way for me to create what I need and cut out the middle man! :)