Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Loop Labs

Most of my students are familiar with music creation programs like garage band where you can compose music using sampled sound clips.  I found this new all online site called LoopLabs that is a completely web based site that allows you to do the same thing as garage band without having to buy and install the program onto your computer.  The video takes you through some of the features of LoopLabs.  To read a short article on loop labs go here.


  1. This is a great site that would let kids create their music at home on their PC. Our students love GarageBand; I am going to pass this one on to our GT teacher. She can share it with the intramural students she works with on GarageBand after school. Thanks!

  2. This program would be so convenient for the students because you don't have to purchase anything. Parents would probably be thrilled that they could just use the program without having to ask for a credit card! I am also going to pass this on to our music technology teacher. He may already know about it, but I have never heard the kids talk about it. Thanks for another great resource!