Friday, December 31, 2010

Prezi III

The one thing about prezi that I thought was interesting is that my students could keep their prezi on the site and that other students could have access to it.  However, I have found that unless the prezi is loaded with information, that it may not always make sense to someone else.  At least for presentation purposes, unless the creator is taking you through it, the prezi may not be much help.  So it would be important that the students would know how to make a prezi that has complete information on it so that it could be useful as a stand alone tool.  Below is my prezi on spiccato.  It is designed in such a way that it may not make sense to someone that wasn't well versed in bowing techniques.  I sent it to one of my colleagues who found it useful, but she knew what the presentation was trying to illustrate.  So it is important that students think very carefully about the design.

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  1. Patrick, it is interesting that you bring up this point. I have mostly only thought about using a Prezi for a presentation, not to have students view them on their own. They would definitely need to add more detail to explain their subject level to others that are familiar with it (like me with spiccato).