Friday, December 31, 2010

Tonometrics II

After working with the tonometrics site for a while I find that it really can be useful for the music student.  The pitch recognition tool is very good for having students fine tune their ability to make subtle distinctions between pitches.  It really forces the user to pay close attention to the slight variations presented.  It was easy to use and as the success rate increased so did the difficulty level.  Like wise, if the user is not having much success, the program gets easier so that skills can be improved.  The interface is simple to use by simply clicking the "lower" or "higher" button depending on the pitch.  You can also replay the pitch as many times as needed.

 At the end of the program, your success rate is displayed and you can see just how well you did.

  So it does give useful and immediate feedback. You can go here to test your skills.

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