Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prezi II

I have created a few prezi presentations for my students so that I could introduce some new concepts on bowing techniques that I thought would be helpful for them to be able to go back and review if they needed.  Here is my Prezi that I create to introduce the spiccato bow stroke with my students.  One of the nice things about the prezi is that not only can you access your prezi online, but you can also download it directly to your computer so that you don't need internet access to use your prezi.  There is also a special version for educational use which makes it affordable "free" to use.


  1. Although my students had some difficulty getting started with Prezi, I did enjoy the fact that they could log into their account online to show their presentation or send it to me and I could unzip their file. Our Internet has been so spotty this year that having an offline option has been very nice. Great job on your spiccato bowing!

  2. Leslie,
    The other nice thing is that you can post your prezi on the prezi site if you like and others can have access to your prezi and use it if they like. There are several options for sharing or not that I really like about the prezi site.