Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Note Flight II

I've been playing with the note flight site and have found it to be pretty easy to use.  I asked some of my students to give it a try just as a comparison to the music creator program that they have already been using (garage band).  This site actually allows much more creativity for the students to truly compose music and see it in real time script.  You can try it here at this demo page.  It's lots of fun.  There is also a blog about note flight that has lots of info for my kids to read about.  Here is a video that explains a bit more about note flight.


  1. Does the program allow users to work offline or is the entire thing online? This would be a neat tool for kids in different classes to collaborate. Can they save their work to the desktop? I wish I had had something like this even in college! We did everything by hand!

  2. Leslie,
    The tool itself is an online system. So you have to be logged in, however, you can save your work there and access it from any place. It does lend itself to collaboration with other classes because you can have a common account for everyone if you like. Having said that, this is all in terms of the free service, there is a more advanced service that does have a fee that may let you download the program, but I haven't gotten that far as of yet, and given that you can do so much for free there I would probably not go further than this phase.